Install Microsoft office

Microsoft office Install, Download and activation, all the process or instruction here to educate you. For those, who are facing issue while installing, downloading or activating, we have some easy step by step instructions by which anyone can activate Microsoft office in no time.

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What you will get in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office consists mainly of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher and can be found in 35 languages and is supported by Windows and Mac. Microsoft Office was created mainly to automate manual office work using a set of specially designed applications.Each of the Microsoft Office applications serves as a specific task, for example:

  • Microsoft Word for creating text documents.
  • Microsoft Excel for creating simple and complex data sheets / numeric.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for creating professional presentations.
  • Microsoft Access for managing databases.
  • Microsoft Publisher for creating and publishing marketing materials.
  • Microsoft OneNote allows the user to organize the notes in order, it simply acts as a replacement for the paper notebooks

In addition to office applications, Microsoft Office can also be used online and sometimes from the cloud under lighter (Office Web Apps) and full (Office 365). This intensifies the use of this program and gives a value above the others in the market. To set up the Microsoft office on your computer; Desktop or on a laptop, go to the official Microsoft Office website or and set up your user account. After setting up a Microsoft Office 365 account and obtaining all user credentials, you can set up Microsoft Office on users' desktops and laptops by doing the following:

Installing Office in Windows

  • Go to the Office page of your account; , this takes you to the page with the purchase of the Office suite.
  • Click Install.
  • Click Install once more to initiate Office installation file downloading.
  • Those who have bought the version for the student do not need to go through this step.
  • On the Office installation file in the default computer download location or any location that you selected when initiating the download in step (iii) above, double-click
  • When prompted, click yes. This will launch the installation file and start setting up Office on your computer.
  • You should give time for the installation of Microsoft Office to complete. viii. A prompt then appears, on which you should click Close. Your Microsoft Office programs have already been set up on your computer and you can start using it away. install

How to Activate Office for Windows and Mac

Steps to download Office

  • The initial step should be to go to and sign in to start the process.
  • Then sign in with your account which is associated with Office 365 version. The account can either be Microsoft, work or school account.
  • Once you have signed in, follow necessary steps as required by the type of the account you have signed in with.

Steps to install the Office

  • You can select Run if you are using Edge or the Internet Explorer browsers, Setup for Chrome and Save File for Firefox browser. Then you will see your account prompt with the instruction, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” At this point, select yes.
  • In this step, you will see, “You’re all set! Office is installed now” to inform you that the installation was successful. You will be guided by an animation playing to direct you where the Office application is on your personal computer. Choose Close to finish the task.

Steps to activate Office

  • Office application becomes active when you start using it by opening your desired app. Some of these apps include Word or PowerPoint which will let you know if the installation and download were successful.
  • Even though office becomes active immediately after you start an application, it is important that you click Accept to agree on the terms and conditions as well as the License terms.

On the other hand, Office might become active automatically but it depends on the product. Under certain circumstances, you might come across the Microsoft Office Activation-Wizard to make your work easier. Otherwise, you will have to follow the prompts in order to activate it. activate

Activate after reinstalling

In most cases, Office activates automatically. But other times, it may need to get activated after reinstalling. When you come across any of the following cases on your screen, you need to take drastic measures by activating your Office. When you see:

  • “Sign-in to set-up Office”
  • Buy or purchase
  • Options for the trial ( buy office, or enter the product key)
  • “Office included on this PC”
  • “Hello, let us activate Office”
  • "Let us have your Office"
  • Activation wizard
  • Active Office screen
  • Enter the product key
  • “Install unlimited reached”
  • Unlicensed product errors

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