In last month 17th December 2018, Microsoft office add a new feature in Microsoft office 365 that enable users to reach more audiences, increase efficiency, and focus on most important tasks.

According to Microsoft what new feature user will get?

Reach more people and create your best work

New AI-powered features in Microsoft 365 empower you to deliver presentations that are accessible to broader, more diverse audiences and to be more efficient in your flow of work.

Present more inclusively with live captions & subtitles in Microsoft PowerPoint—A new feature, powered by Microsoft AI, enables presenters to reach and engage all audiences with live presentation captions and subtitles that automatically appear in real-time. With live captions & subtitles in PowerPoint, you can ensure your presentations are understood by everyone, across languages and hearing access needs.

This feature will support presenters across 12 spoken languages and display on-screen captions or subtitles in one of 60+ languages. Starting in January 2019, this feature will start rolling out to Office 365 subscribers worldwide for PowerPoint on Windows 10, PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint Online.

Get tricky acronym definitions automatically in Microsoft Word—Using the Microsoft Graph, Microsoft AI makes suggestions for acronym definitions specific to you and your organization while you read documents.

This makes it easier for you to read documents with clarity in the flow of your work. To get started, click the Acronyms button on the References tab to launch the Acronyms pane and see suggested definitions for acronyms.

This feature is beginning English-language rollout for Office 365 subscribers.

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Last Updated on March 6, 2021