How to activate Microsoft Office 365 setup?

Office 365 refers to a subscription plan that provides full access to Microsoft Office applications. It also offers product services enabled over the internet (cloud services) such as SharePoint Online for publication, Exchange online for email, and a suite of office web apps. For office 365 setup, you should assign licenses to users. Unless you’ve paid for the activation key from the manufacturer, you won’t get the key.

Office 365 activation requires that you sign in with the email you used to buy the product. In case you’ve forgotten your password, office 365 will help you remember. Next, enter the 25-digit product code from the activation card. This key makes sure that your copy has not been used on other PCs.

If you get Office 365 activation key error, check whether you’ve installed multiple copies of office. To keep your office 365 current, you should connect to the Office licensing office via the internet. This process is required every time you renew your subscription. Remember each product key can only be activated once.

How to Activate Office 365 for Windows and Mac

At one time you might have experienced problems while activating or installing Office 365 setup for Windows and Mac on your personal computer. If that is the case, you don’t have to worry anymore when you can learn one or two tricks that can help you achieve your goal.

That is why you need to visit or for download, installation, and activation of the Microsoft Office 365. However, this article will give you a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how you can activate Office 365 for your Windows and Mac with no difficulties.

Steps to download Office 365

  • The initial step should be to go to and sign in to start the process.
  • Then sign in with your account which is associated with Office 365 version. The account can either be Microsoft, work or school account.
  • Once you have signed in, follow necessary steps as required by the type of the account you have signed in with.

If you signed in using a Microsoft account, you can proceed to home page to select Install Office. In order to install Office in another language, go to Other Options link to choose the language as well as the bit version you intend to use and then install. By now, Office 365 should be downloading.

Install office setup 365

Steps to Office 365 setup

  • You can select Run if you are using Edge or the Internet Explorer browsers, Setup for Chrome and Save File for Firefox browser. Then you will see your account prompt with the instruction, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” At this point, select yes.
  • In this step, you will see, “You’re all set! Office is installed now” to inform you that the installation was successful. You will be guided by an animation playing to direct you where the Office application is on your personal computer. Choose Close to finish the task.

You are required to follow instructions appearing on the window for you to find your Office 365 applications and start using them. Select Start then followed by scrolling to find that particular app you are looking for or type the app’s name in the search box to save your time.

activate office setup 365

Steps to activate Office 365

  • Office application becomes active when you start using it by opening your desired app. Some of these apps include Word or PowerPoint which will let you know if the installation and download were successful.
  • Even though office becomes active immediately after you start an application, it is important that you click Accept to agree on the terms and conditions as well as the License terms.

On the other hand, Office might become active automatically but it depends on the product. Under certain circumstances, you might come across the Microsoft Office Activation-Wizard to make your work easier. Otherwise, you will have to follow the prompts in order to activate it.

Uninstalling the Microsoft Office 365

There are many reasons why you would opt for uninstalling the Microsoft Office 365 from your windows or Mac. But one thing you need to know is that when uninstalling Office, you only manage to remove the Office application but files, documents, and workbooks remain unaffected.

The most important thing here is the steps you need to follow for you to achieve your objective. Therefore, the following options (Control panel, easy fix and uninstall office manually) will help you uninstall Office products successfully.

When you choose to uninstall Office using Control Panel option, you need to choose a specific operating system. Each operating system has its own steps which should be followed accordingly. For Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 8 or 8.1, you can go to the Start Menu, and then enter Control Panel to select programs and features to uninstall.

You can also use easy fix tool to uninstall Office but each browser has its own steps to follow. Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox involve selecting

Open to access 015CTRRemove.diagcab file to follow the prompts. Restart your computer when the uninstallation successful phrase appears on the screen.

The third option, to uninstall manually, comes in handy when the second option (easy fix) does not completely remove the Office from the computer. This is done by determining your installation method before selecting installation type you wish to uninstall.

However, when you want to reinstall, always refer to the steps covered under the download and installation of Office 365 for Windows and Mac.

Activate Office 365 after reinstalling

In most cases, Office 365 activates automatically. But other times, it may need to get activated after reinstalling. When you come across any of the following cases on your screen, you need to take drastic measures by activating your Office 365. When you see:

  • “Sign-in to set-up Office”
  • Buy or purchase
  • Options for the trial ( buy office, or enter the product key)
  • “ Office included on this PC”
  • “Hello, let us activate Office”
  • “Let us have your Office”
  • Activation wizard
  • Active Office screen
  • Enter the product key
  • “Install unlimited reached”
  • Unlicensed product errors

Other Microsoft Office 365 Issues

Despite the fact that Microsoft Office 365 has become very popular as a service, there are a number of issues you need to be aware of beforehand. The issue of ownership is prevalent because Office 365 is owned and hosted by Microsoft in their data centers.

These centers are only accessible by authorized individuals. Due to limited control, Office 365 can experience performance problems and security concerns. Other drawbacks that come with Microsoft Office include compliance boundaries, customization challenges, and adoption pitfalls.

All in all, you can always overcome these issues on your own or involve a third party to overseer them so you can reap all the benefits that come with Office 365.


Office 365 is an essential tool to enable you to operate your Windows and Mac to execute certain operations. It is easy to download, install and activate to start using it immediately.

The fact that it has some issues, Office 365 is still the best option to use in your home, office or in schools.